Durbin Debit Dilemma - A Special Report

The December 2010 release by the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) Board of its proposed rules dealing with debit card interchange rates and network routing requirements delivered a stunning blow to debit card issuers as well as a major victory for the merchant community.  On the heels of the CARD Act which took effect August 2010, and previously the modifications to Regulation E, financial institutions are currently hard-pressed to retool their deposit account pricing strategies and projections. 
In this Special Report entitled, “Durbin Debit Dilemma: Assessing the Impact of Fed’s Debit Card Interchange and Network Rules,” Speer & Associates, Inc. (S&A) provides an in-depth analysis of the proposed rules and their likely effect on all participants, as well as a perspective regarding the various options and most likely outcomes in the Spring of 2011.

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